Best Ways How To Earn Online Money with Zero Investment From Home In Pakistan

Now days you Listen Name of Online Earning . But do you not know How to Earn Online Money and what is Process of  online Earning . Create a Some Question on  your mind About Online Such as may be Fake  ,Before Start Earning Paid Some Money , Purchase Some Accounts  ,Need Higher Education . In this Tutorial I will Try to give you Answer All questions Create in your Mind About Online Earning and Tell You Best and Right Way of Online Earning Without Zero Investment. You Need Only one Computer and Internet Connection .

1-Earn From View and Read Advertisement  

If you want Earn  money online Not know English Then View and Read Advertisement is the Best way for your Earning . in this way you Earn $100 to $200 (RS 10000 to 20000) Per Month Only working 3 hours to 6 hours at Home. In this way you watch Some Advertisement and View 30 Second to 50 Second and Click then earn $1 per  Click and views There are some Popular and good paid websites . Visit this website and Register in this website and Start Working .
Click here to See Popular and Good Paid Advertisement websites .

2-Earn Money From Captcha Solver 

If you have more Extra Time and knowledge Some Basic English  then Captcha Solving is Best way to Earn Online . In This Process you  Understand the captcha image and type then write the below fields with exactly per captcha Solving you Earn $2 to $100 (RS 200 to 10000) . It is Fast and good way of extra earn money . Some Reliable and good Paid websites Available in this working. you visit in this website Signup and Start working .
Click here to See popular good paid Captcha Solver Website .

3-Earn Money from Survey Sites

Survey Site Provide a good Earning . You Earn $5 to $10 per Small Survey Depend on your Question and Particular Company . In this Process of Earning you Select Company and Select Question  give your opinion  and feedback . you Select Company and Question on your Choice and Paid According your Feedback and your Country . Many Website Provides Survey Earning Totally free just Register in this sites 
Click here to See Best and Good Survey Sites

4-Earn Money From Google Adsans

It is Best and long Term  Way of Online Earning But it is not Easy . You Required very hard Working and Patient Work With Consistency . In this Process of Earning you Need a website where you write a Article and Published your Post and Almost 100 view per day on your website then your website Approve from Google Adsans .You work 3 to 6 Month Regular then Earn $100 to $200(RS 10000 to 20000) per month .
Click here to See Complete Process of Google  Adsans Approval 

5-Earn Money From Blog

Blog is popular way of earning but not easy required hardworking but some steps easy from website because you create blog very easy Not need proper website . in this process you chose a topic in which you have knowledge and interest then write some article on this topic if  200 per day view per day on your blog then your account approve form advertisement company . There are many that published ads on your website and paid well money . work 6 month with Consistency then blog approve from ads company.
Click here to See Process of Creating Blog .

6-Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing 

If You are Hard Working guy and Passion to Earn Online Money then affiliate Marketing is Best Way of Online Earning . Now days very high scope of Affiliate Marketing due to E-Commerce and Online Shopping . People Want to Purchase every Thing Online .There are thousands online Marchants that Some are brands such as Flipkart,Amzon,eBay,Clickbank,CJ you visit this website signup and Promote their Products you Earn 10% to 50% Commission on selling Product .in this Process you Need a website and twitter and Facebook account where you promote their Products.
Click here to see Complete Process of Affiliate Marketing

7-Earn Money Become Freelancer 

If You want to Earn Billions from Online then Freelancing  is Best for you .Freelancer is a Old and Reliable Source of Online Earning due to Freelancer People open your company and Register freelancing website Earn 1 billions to 10 billions.In this Process you Need a Particular Skills Such as Web Designing ,Web Development, Move Maker, etc you Provide the Service Online your Client is all of the world .There are many freelancing website where you visit and register start working .
Click here to See Some Best freelancing Websites .

8-Earn Money With Virtual Assistant 

If you are quality Skills Persons want to money Part Time then Virtual Assistant is Best for you . In this Process you work Some one without physical Present . He can do variety of task like look after website upload image on website ,daily post on website ,write article ,Counselling . apps development,Prof reading Research work etc . There are many website available for this Purpose Simply Visit these website and Create you account find your Client according your skills and Start working .  
Click here to See Best Virtual Assistant Website .

9-Earn Money With Article Writing 

If you are good writer in any language then you are big opportunity to Earn Online . in this Process you write a Article on Different Topics  Some website that Published your Article and then People view and share your Article then you Earn . it is Not Easy but Not Difficult you Write a New Article Not Copy Past .  You Earn $10 to $200 Per Article .
Click here See Best Article Writing  Website.

10-Earn Money From YouTube 

If you are good Video Make and then youtube is Best Platform for Online Earning . It is Easy way of Earning but Need Patient . In this Process of Earning you Create a youtube Channel and upload good Video consist of copy video after 10000 views on your channel then register your channel on advertisement company . start advisement on your channel . you earn $200 to $1000 per month .
Click here to See Process of Create Youtube Channel .

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