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What is Database ? Example of Database

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 Database is organized collection of related data that is stored in efficient and compact manner. The word organized means that data is stored in such a way that the users can use it easily. The word related means that a database is normally created to store the data about a particular topic.

   For example if data is created for students, it will contain data about a student such as Roll no, name and address etc. Similarly, if the data is about the employee of an organization, it will contain the data of employee such as employee ID, grade and salary. All data in database is arranged in tables. 

 The word efficient means that the user can search the required data quickly. The word compact means that the stored data occupies the little space as possible in computer.


Table is the fundamental object of database structure. The basic purpose of the table is to store data. A table consists of rows and columns. A table is very convenient way to store data. The data in table can be manipulated easily. 

Serial No
Table: record table


Rows are the horizontal part of the table. It is a collection of related fields. For example the above data has three rows. Each row contain a record of different person.
A single row/table


Columns are the vertical part of table. For example, all values in above table under “Name” field make a column.
                            A single column

Examples of Database

Following are some example of database:

1. Phone Directory

 Phone directory is a simple example of a database. A phone directory stores the phone number of different persons. Searching a phone number in phone directory is very easy as all phone numbers are stored in an organized.

2. Library

 A library contains thousands of books. It is very difficult to handle the records of all these books without database.  A database system can be used to store the record of books, members of library, issuance and recovery of books etc.  

3. Accounts

A database is used to control the account system of an organization. The accounts database keep the record of all financial transaction of the organization. It can be used to perform differential calculation to find information about business such as annual profit trial balance ledger etc

4.  College

A college has many student in different classes. A database may be used to keep the record of students, fee transaction, examination information and other data of the college. It can also store the attendance of the student.


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