What is Characteristics and Advantage of C Language ? What is Characteristics of High Level Language ?

Characteristics and Advantage of C Language

 Convenient Language 

C is very convenient language   . it provide many facility in easier way that are difficult to use in low level language . Programmers can write complex programs more easily as compared to low level languages.

     Well Structure Language

      C is well structure language . its syntax is very easy to understand . The programs written in C language are easy to maintain and modify.

     Machine Independence

C Language Provide machine independence . it means that the program written in C language can be execute on different type of computers . For example a program written in C  Can be execute on Inter Process and Motorola Process . That is why it preferable to write program in C rather than machine language .


C language provide the facility of modular programming it means that the program can be divided into small modules . These modules can be developed and compiled independently .

Case Sensitivity 

C  is a case Sensitive language . it means that it can different uppercase and lower case words. All keywords are written in lowercase . This feature makes it easier to maintain the source code .

    Hardware  Control

C language provide close control on hardware . it Can be used to write efficient program to control hardware component of computer system.

     Small Language

C is small language . it has a small number of keyword and programming controls . But still it is very powerful for developing different types of programs.

 Fast Code Generation

The compiler of C language generate very fast code . The code execute very efficiently . So the program take less time to execute . 

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