What is Difference Between HTML And HTML5 ?

HTML History And Versions

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is primary Language of Creation of website . The first HTML  Introduced in 1991.After 4 year in 1995 Introduced HTML 2.0 Version . In 997 Introduced HTML 3.2 Version . In 19999 Introduced 4.01 Version . In 2000 Introduced XHTML (Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language) . In 2014 Introduced HTML 5. 

Main Difference Between HTML And HTML 5 

In HTML 5 Introduced New Feature . Change the Totally Structure of HTML in Html use dive for header , for side bar make a new id or class for post also make new class or id and but in Html 5 change the structure introduced header tag ,slide bar tag, Article tag ,Footer, see in this image main difference of  HTML and HTML5 . Also Introduced video tags and ifrrame tags.  

Difference Between Html and html5

What is difference Between Html and Html 5

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