How to Use You Tube and Latest Feature of You Tube

You tube is most popular videos website where you easy upload any video ,watch and download .you tube introduced many more feature days and days but mostly user not know the new feature of You tube .the you tube feature provide many felicities to watch this tutorial discuss some you tube tricks and features.

1- Using You Tube With Keyboard 

if your mouse not working and destroy during watching you tube video .you want scroll and apply mouse function but mouse not working .then type  this link provide the all felicities of mouse . you can scroll and up and down move the videos  .

2-Checking New Design of  You Tube

visit this url  and click get the palyer you see the new design of you tube

3- Run You Tube Video on TV

if you have smart tv you can run you tube video with help of wify .start tv and type url

4- Use Filter For Children 

You tube introduced the Android apps and OS apps for chilldren  free available where different type of videos for children search video by speaking and set timer  .

5- Handle Video Buffering 

Video buffering is very big problem when your internet connection is handle is problem to go your account then select the option  ."I have a slow connection. Never play highly quality  videos" .

6-Convert You Tube videos into MP3

if you want convert you tube video into mp3 go to peggo name website.where you convert video into MP3.

7-Identification Music of Video

The name of website moomash use to identify the music of youtube dailymotion videos . copy the link and past the moomash website .

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