Saturday, 3 November 2018

What is PIVOT App? How to Earn Money with PIVOT Mobile App and how to install and withdraw money

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Pivot is a community from China for crypto currency investors. Its Chinese version is well operated. Pivot provides crypto currency markets prices and charts in real time of more than 1400 crypto currencies and the freshest block chain news. Pivot App aim to help investors communicate more efficiently with each other and with startups in the block chain industry.
Pivot has received investment finance from Binance and other famous  crypto currency funds. Up to now, nearly one hundred startups and hundreds of business leaders in the block chain industry have opened official accounts in Pivot. And more than 100k investors are using to guide their investments.

 How to earn Free Bitcoin or Money From Pivot App
1-   Open Given Link in Chrome Mobile/Desktop Browser .
Provide Google account and install Pivot app get 100 power.

2.    Login with your Google Profile/ Account and Then Continue and it will redirect you to Play Store so Download App.
3.    If not just click on Download The Pivot App Button. Or download from Google Play Store
Open Pivot App and go to profile section and Login with the Same Google Account which you used in your default browser to download pivot app.

4.    Now go again in your pivot App Profile section and click on daily Task for Power.
5.    Click on a post or in your Pivot App Click on Pivot Icon from the bottom and Open READ AND SHARE FOR POWER Option.

6.    Open Article and scroll at the bottom of the article and click GET READ POWER, Instantly you will get 200 Pivot power
7.    Move to Bottom and then Just Click on GET READ POWER and you will get 200 Power Instantly.

8.    Go back and do it Again – You can Earn Maximum 4000 Power in a Day by Reading Articles
After Getting 4000 Powers Successfully, Just go to Profile section and Click on Invite Option and Share your Refer Link on Social Media, if your friend joins you will Get 10000 Powers as Referal Per Refer.

Pivot App Proof

How to Withdraw Money From Pivot App

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Monday, 27 August 2018

What is Difference Between Software and Program

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1. The software is a broad term which is designed of perform some 
Specific set of operations.
2. A software consists of bundles of program and data files. Program in a specific software use these data files to perform a dedicated of type task.
3.  A software can be classified into two categories. Application software and system software.
4. An application software comes in
Wide range of varieties likes a text editor, media player, web browser, video player, image editor; different types of software provide a different type of services. System software acts as an interface between hardware and software. Whenever a user wants a specific job, he gives commands to application software. These commands are delivered to application software via system software. All of the system software provides same kind of services an operating system is a type of system software.
5.Example of “application software” are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Chrome, VLC player,firefox, Adobe Reader etc, example of system software are windows, Linux Mac etc.
6. A software is developed by either a single programmer or a group of programmers but it is developed for a naive user.
7. Every software has a dedicated user interface. The user interface of a may be in the form o F command prompt or in a graphical formal.
8. Software   Development Life cycle (SDLC) is used to develop every software.  
9. A software is not complied when we given it commands to perform specific operations. However whole software is complied, tested and debugged in the development process.


1. Program is set of instructions which perform only a specific type of task.
2. A program consists of a set of instruction which are coded in a programming language like C, C++, PHP, JAVA,etc.
3. A program cannot be classified into various categories.

4. Source code in a program is written for small jobs.
5. Program showing whether a given number is even or odd program to find factorial of a number, program to find greatest of all given number is palindrome or not; are few example of the program.
6. A program is developed and also used by either a single programmer or a group of programmers.

7. Program doesn’t have a user interface.
8. SDLC is not used to make programs.
A program is complied every time when we need to generate some output from it.
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Monday, 11 June 2018

What is work Group computing and Group Ware?

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Work group
Workgroup is a group of person working together on particular task by sharing information through a computer Network.
Work Group Computing
The process of sharing information by using a computer network is called work group computing. It is also called collaborative computing.
Group Ware
Groupware is a software used for workgroup computing.

  • It used on computer network
  • The researcher can use it to share information about different project online.

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

What is Types of Database Models

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Hierarchical Model
The hierarchical model arranges records in hierarchy like an organizational chart. Each record type in this model is called a node or segment. A node represents a particular entity. The top-most node is called root. Each is a subordinate of the node that is at the next higher level. A higher level node is called parent and lower level node is called child. A parent node can have only one parent node. This kind of structure is often called inverted tree.
Network Model
The network model is similar to hierarchical model. The difference is that child nodes. The child nodes are represented by arrows in network model. It requires more complex diagram to represent a database. It also provides more complexity than hierarchical model.

Relationship Model
Relationship model is the most commonly used database model. It is more flexible than hierarchical than database models. The relational model consists of simple relations. A relation is a term used for table. A relation represents a particular entity. It is used to store Information about the entity. The relationships are based on the data of entities. The relationship between entities is represented by the following diagram:

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Monday, 20 November 2017

What is Database Administrator (DBA)

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DBA is an important person in the development of any information system. He is responsible for design, design, operation and management of database. He must be technically component good manager and skilled diplomat. He should have good communication skills. Managerial skills are important in planning coordinating and carrying out different task technical skills are required to understand the complex hardware and software issue.
Function of DBA
Preliminary database planning
DBA may participate in preliminary database planning if appointed early.
Identifying user requirement
DBA identifies the current user environment. He closely studies the current system and its outputs. He also interviews different user to know their current and future requirements.
Developing and maintaining data dictionary
Data dictionary is a very collection of data about database. The DMA stores data item names , source, meanings and usages in data dictionary. The data dictionary is revised regularly to update it as the project continues. 
Designing logical model
After analyzing the user environment, the DBA develops a logical data model for the organization. This data model consists on entities, attitudes and relationships.
Choosing  a DBMS
The DBA chooses a particular database management system on the basis of logical data model. The selected DBMS should satisfy all requirements and constrains identified in the logical data model.
Developing physical model
The DBMS creates the exact layout of data according DBMS and available resource of software and hardware.
Creating and loading Database
After developing physical model, the DBA creates the structure of database by using DBMS. He also load  the data in database.
Developing user view
Any project is basically developed to serve the user. DBA should guide the user about the functionality of database. If any request of the user is not satisfying , DBA should justify  it.
Writing and maintaining documentation
The documentation is very important when the project is reviewed or revised. It is normally maintain dictionary system  the DBA should insure the  proper documentation of the project.
Developing and enforcing data standard 
Data in database must be inserted according to the Standard required by organization. \
DBA ensures that the inserted data is always according to these standards. The user interface should guide the user to insert proper data. For example, the text fields may contains default values that make it easy for the user to judge the guide the type of data to be inserted.  Integrity means that database must always satisfy the rules that apply to the real word. For example, if any employees can only work in one department, database should not allow and employee to be registered into department consistency means that to different pieces of data cannot contradict each other. For example if data of birth of an employee is 7/8/78 at one place and it is 12/12/80 at another place than the database is inconsistent.  DBA must ensure that such situation never occurs.
Developing operating procedure
DBA should establish procedure for different operation. The procedure include security and authorization, recording hardware and software failure, taking performance  measurement, shutting down database property, restarting and recovering after failure.
Training the user
The DBA should train end users, application programmers and other user so that they may use the database effectively.
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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

What is Metadata

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Metadata can be defined as data about data. It is used to describe the properties and characteristics of some other data. Metadata describe the size, format and other characteristic of data. It also includes the rules and constraints about data.


When you create a table, you specify the data type, size, format and other constraints for entering data in different fields of the table. This is metadata of the table. It describe the properties of data to be stored in the table. Metadata is very important to ensure the integrity of the data.

Field Name
Data type
Roll No
Roll No of student
Value from 1 to 100
Name of student

Address of student

Email of student
Must contains @ and.
Phone of student

Table: Example of metadata

Roll No
Table: Example of a database table
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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

What is Database ? Example of Database

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 Database is organized collection of related data that is stored in efficient and compact manner. The word organized means that data is stored in such a way that the users can use it easily. The word related means that a database is normally created to store the data about a particular topic.

   For example if data is created for students, it will contain data about a student such as Roll no, name and address etc. Similarly, if the data is about the employee of an organization, it will contain the data of employee such as employee ID, grade and salary. All data in database is arranged in tables. 

 The word efficient means that the user can search the required data quickly. The word compact means that the stored data occupies the little space as possible in computer.


Table is the fundamental object of database structure. The basic purpose of the table is to store data. A table consists of rows and columns. A table is very convenient way to store data. The data in table can be manipulated easily. 

Serial No
Table: record table


Rows are the horizontal part of the table. It is a collection of related fields. For example the above data has three rows. Each row contain a record of different person.
A single row/table


Columns are the vertical part of table. For example, all values in above table under “Name” field make a column.
                            A single column

Examples of Database

Following are some example of database:

1. Phone Directory

 Phone directory is a simple example of a database. A phone directory stores the phone number of different persons. Searching a phone number in phone directory is very easy as all phone numbers are stored in an organized.

2. Library

 A library contains thousands of books. It is very difficult to handle the records of all these books without database.  A database system can be used to store the record of books, members of library, issuance and recovery of books etc.  

3. Accounts

A database is used to control the account system of an organization. The accounts database keep the record of all financial transaction of the organization. It can be used to perform differential calculation to find information about business such as annual profit trial balance ledger etc

4.  College

A college has many student in different classes. A database may be used to keep the record of students, fee transaction, examination information and other data of the college. It can also store the attendance of the student.

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